As the Snow Moon rises over the end of a frosty week, it’s time to give you news of our 2017 food boxes, now available for subscription over on our Food Box page.

For the third year in a row, we’ve kept our prices the same ($20/week for Spring and $28/week for Summer). People paying with credit and debit cards will notice a small increase this year in the cost of the Summer food box, due to banking charges; if you prefer to pay by cheque, e-transfer or cash, you can avoid those charges.

A couple of other changes this year: we’re no longer offering a Fairfield pick-up, so all subscribers will have a chance to come to the farm and see where their food is grown.

And for those who don’t like absolutely everything they get every week, we’re introducing a Trade Box. If you don’t care for one item and see another in the Trade Box that you prefer, you can do a swap.

Want to know more? Check out our Food Box FAQs. Subscription numbers will be limited, so reserve yours now!