Wondering where to go with your passion for organic farming, your concern for the environment, your curiosity about nutrition? Do we have a workshop for you!

This 5-day course covers the groundwork for year-round Ecofarming, with a seasonal slant: sourcing organic seeds and marketing your farm; all-season crop planning, growing and processing food while working in harmony with nature.

The program includes a vegetarian lunch each day, prepared by a food-loving Registered Holistic Nutritionist to demonstrate how delicious seasonal eating can be.

Best of all, tuition bursaries are available for up to half of tuition costs!

Our in-house organic farmers, biologists, holistic nutritionists and invited guest lecturers will walk you through the basics and give you plenty of hands-on practice.

It can start and end there, if that’s all you need, but there’s more to come – 5-day programs, tailored to the season, are offered for Spring, Summer & Fall – for those wanting the full deal.

Click here for the Winter syllabus, and check Royal Roads Continuing Studies website for details of how to register, and to keep track of the upcoming workshops.