Hello to all our friends and supporters! Amid all the COVID chaos, the Haliburton farmers are growing lots of great food this year and look forward to getting it to markets of various kinds.

The farm gate is closed for now, but Hali farmers will start to bring organic produce to Moss Street Market in mid-April. Please check Moss Street’s website and social media for information on how the market is working under current conditions.

Hali’s farmers are also looking at online options for selling produce, and the farm stand is due to open in June, but may do so earlier, so please check back here or follow us on social media for up-to-date details on both those things.

As you’ll see on our Food Box page, there’s no Haliburton community food box this year, as our new farmers are still working to get their farms into better production.

However, here’s an invitation from Farmer Erin, to subscribe to Fierce Love Farm’s CSA:

Fierce Love Farm CSA Food Box Program

We are in our third year of farming at Haliburton Community Organic Farm, and we run a summer CSA food box program. A CSA is a partnership between a farm and its local community. By joining our CSA now, you will receive a weekly selection of seasonal produce – the best and freshest of what we have to offer – for 18 weeks, from June to October. The weekly boxes contain $25 worth of organic vegetables (and berries when available), and we send out a weekly newsletter with recipe ideas and farm happenings. Each member also contributes a small amount ($0.75/week) to subsidize a box share for a family who would otherwise struggle to access organic produce.

Pick up is on Tuesdays at our farm site at Haliburton Community Organic Farm in Saanich, or Thursdays in Fernwood. Our CSA is a great way to eat seasonally, have access to high quality organic produce, support local food security, and develop a deeper connection with your food!

All the details about our CSA program can be found at www.fiercelovefarm.ca