Education, Workshops & the Haliburton EcoFarm School

Haliburton Community Organic Farm is zoned as a Rural Demonstration Farm. This brings with it obligations to provide opportunities for education in many forms.

We offer practical experience in learning how to grow certified organic vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers on a farm with a strong ecological, place-based and holistic philosophy. 

Past students and interns have learned skills including organic farming,  greenhouse growing, restoring and integrating a healthy farm ecosystem, processes required for organic certification, plus public communication, nutrition and food handling, storage and preservation.

Educational Programs We Offer

Our new EcoFarm School integrated many of these lessons into a  modular curriculum that ran in May 2018.

The farm’s other educational programs including educational collaboration with local schools and ESL programs, the Growing Food course offered in partnership with Gaia College and other workshops and activities will continue to be offered.

Learning Partners