All of you who thought you might have missed out on our summer food box need not worry. You can still join the summer subscriber list, and it gets more affordable each week. For those who wish to pay by credit card, online, each Wednesday we’ll post a coupon code on the food box page that you enter with your payment. It deducts the cost of the weeks you missed and automatically calculates the cost of the weeks remaining. For those paying by cheque, please email the food box program and we’ll send you the cost information and how to pay.

To give the farmers time to plan their harvests, the cut-off for adding yourself to the list each week will be Monday, as the pick-ups are on Wednesdays.

Because this is all somewhat complicated to plan and administer, unfortunately there is no week-to-week payment option. To join our subscriber list, you’ll need to pay in full for the weeks remaining (2 or 3 post-dated cheques are acceptable).

In our glorious summer boxes, you’ll get a bigger selection than the spring harvests – like last week’s brilliant beginning: Tayberries, tomatoes, sweet peppers, braising greens, fava beans, salad mix, zucchini, chard and garlic scapes.