The second of Haliburton’s featured speakers at Victoria Seedy Saturday is author, writer and holistic nutritionist Rhona McAdam, R.H.N., of Go Local Nutrition, a consultancy based at the farm. Concerned about our dependence on expensive imported foods, she aims to help make good nutrition affordable to all. In her talk Superfoods in Your Own Backyard, she’ll be helping us understand what’s meant by the popular term “superfood,” which food plants fall into this category, and which will grow best in local gardens. She’s had a 9 year association with Hali, first as a farm volunteer and then as a board member, and has also long been active in the Gorge Tillicum Urban Farmers. She has a Permaculture Design Certificate, a Master’s in Food Culture and Communication, and a certificate in Natural Nutrition, and advises her clients on diet and lifestyle choices that are central to overall nutrition. Catch her talk 11:30-12:30, Saturday Feb. 20, at the Victoria Conference Centre, 720 Douglas Street.