We get a lot of tours coming through the farm, and a lot of traffic through the farm house to our one bathroom. This year, with funds raised and grant money received from our supporters at the District of Saanich, we’ve finally been able to start work on an accessible washroom which can be used by farmers and visitors alike. Our hardworking board members Cosmo Pessoa and Doug Kleckner have made sure the plans were drawn up and the necessary permits and inspections done.

Doug has been giving of his spare time in the past few weeks to get the excavation and framing done. He impressed us all by digging up and 2016May07DougBathroomFramingAboverestoring to health the drainage system that will reduce the chance of our basement flooding next year!

We simply could not make the infrastructure improvements we’ve carried through at the farm without the grants and fundraising obtained through the efforts of our volunteer board. And in a project like this one, we benefit hugely from the volunteer work of professionals like Doug and Cosmo.

Want to make a difference? Consider joining our board. We’re particularly interested in finding people with expertise in IT and finance, and a commitment to the value of community organic farming.