Haliburton Community Organic Farm warmly welcomes 3 new farm businesses and a new (yet very familiar) volunteer and education coordinator.

Mike Nyberg, a former Hali apprentice, will be taking over the Society Lands. Mike’s plan is to build community education opportunities in conjunction with farming.  Expect to see Mike integrating some permaculture design into his land, including chickens and bees.

Derek Powell, with his passion for community, will be farming the former Sundbird land.  Derek is dedicated to making use of every available square inch to support his community with healthy food.

Emily Mc Connell and Ana Ayala will be found working the former Terralicious land. Coming from very different places (Emily from Ontario, Ana from Ecuador), the two met while apprenticing at Madrona Farm where they formed a business partnership. It turns out although they grew up far apart, both their families were fruit farmers. Keep an eye out for their bedding plants this spring, and fresh produce during early spring and late fall.

Last but far from least in our new ventures we are very excited that Elmarie Roberts (Sunbird Farm) is not leaving us. Elmarie will be working with schools, volunteers, apprentices and community groups, giving everyone a chance to learn about where their food comes from and to open up opportunity for the community to participate in the farm’s food basket program as a way of supporting agriculture.

Luckily for us, Ray and Heather (H&R Veggies) will continue to grow their excellent produce. Their knowledge and skills will be a valuable asset for our new farmers all the way from seed to sale.

Unfortunately with the comings, we also must report some goings. First, a big thank you and goodbye to our ever energetic and cheerful 2010 apprentice Jessi Mc Kinnon. Without her hard work there would have been far fewer fresh veggies and fruits to enjoy in 2010. We say a sad and fond good-bye to our long time farmer and friend Marty Snow. We will miss you very much and wish you well.

We look forward to seeing our friends and volunteers at the Farm in 2011.